Jarrow Deutschland

Scientific documented dietary supplements and functional foods

Jarrow Deutschland has a close relationship with the American company Jarrow Formulas Inc., which is based in Los Angeles.

Jarrow Formulas produces and sells high quality dietary supplements that support physiological functions in the human body. The company was founded in 1977 and sells its products today mainly in the US, Canada and Mexico. The small shop started with a handful of products and sells now hundreds of innovative supplements.

Jarrow Formulas started 17 years ago to produce most of their products in their own facility in Santa Fe Springs under the name Jarrow Industries Inc.

Jarrow Deutschland started as an online-shop for German and European customer. Today we also work very closely together with pharmacies and other resellers, like vegan stores. Since February 2019 you can find our customer service in the historic building Goerzwerk in Berlin Zehlendorf.



Jarrow Formulas funds research studies on important nutritional products such as Coenzyme Q10, to ensure that customers receive the full biological value of these products. There have been a lot of studies with the products Q-absorb and QH-absorb (the reduced form of coenzyme Q10) and the results have been presented on international conferences and symposiums, like the International Coenzyme Q10 Association. Both, Jarrow Deutschland’s and Jarrow Formulas’ goal is to promote optimal health with high quality, effective, affordable and ‘cutting edge’ formulations, which are based on sound scientific research data. We strive to provide the best service and technical support to our customers.


Our mission

Jarrow’s mission is best reflected in its motto ‘Superior Nutrition and Formulation’. To ensure the best quality possible for the products only materials where the manufacturer sticks to the ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP) are purchased. The production processes are standardized and match the same requirements as pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, all herbal formulas have a standardization on the ingredients which are important for physiological metabolisms in the body. All products are engineered and tested to the highest US and European standards. When possible  GMO-modified ingredients are not used. Already 1/3 of all products are completely vegan.


Order at Jarrow Deutschland

To ensure the highest comfort for you, you can order all our products online via our homepage, but also via mail or fax. You only need to download our formula and then mail to bestellung@jarrow.de or fax it to +49 30 991916870. All orders more than 49,90 € are free of shipping within Germany.

If you are a reseller and interested in our products you are very welcome to contact us under kontakt@jarrow.de, so we can discuss conditions for resale.