Charitable donations 2017

Here you can find out more about the fundraising projects, we’re supporting at the moment:

    • Food and blankets for people in Yemen by SolidariGee
    • Together against the deaths in the Mediterranean Sea by SOS MEDITERRANEE
    • Help for Rohingya children in need by Save the Children
    • Donate trees for nature and animals! Stand up for the trees of tomorrow by Green Forest Fund
    • First Aid Yemen by Aktion Deutschland Hilft
    • Yemen Help by Aktion Jemenhilfe
    • Health Care Center Emergency Protocol by Berliner Stadtmission
    • Help for kids with cleft lip and palate by Cleft-Kinder-Hilfe of the Professor Hermann-Sailer-Stiftung
    • Help for Rohingya in Bangladesh by Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe
    • Support young refugees in Düsseldorf/Germany by Diakonie Düsseldorf
    • Antibiotics and prevention against Noma by Parmed
    • Silbernetz – the phone for older and lonely people by Silbernetz
    • Refugees welcome international – Support our international network by Mensch Mensch Mensch
    • Severe weather emergency protocol by Berliner Stadtmission
    • Breaking the cycle of violence: Empowerment for women & girls in Nicaragua by Terre des Femmes
    • Shelter flats for women

    SolidariGee: Food and blankets for people in Yemen

    The war in Yemen is not ending and during the winter the people are exposed to even more stresses and strains. They've lost their homes, and have to live on the streets now, always suffering from the constant lack of hunger. Everyone sees the terrible pictures of malnourished children in the Yemen in the television and yet the catastrophic conditions are barely mentioned in the media.

    Due to high prices and the high inflation, the people lack almost everything. Protection from starvation and the cold is the most vital thing at the moment. Therefore SolidariGee collects money to provide food bags and blankets for the people.

    A food bag contains flour, rice, oil, sugar, water and beans, and if needed the people living on the streets can also be provided with a blanket against the low temperatures.

    More information about the project of SolidariGee can be found at:

    SOS MEDITERRANEE: Together against the deaths in the Mediterranean Sea

    Since 2000, thousands of people have drowned or are missing in the Mediterranean Sea, making it one of the deadliest borders in the world.

    The SOS MEDITERRANEE was founded on the conviction that no one should drown in the Mediterranean Sea anymore. Neither origin or ethnicity, nor the cause of the escape of the country should lead to a death in the Mediterranean Sea. SOS MEDITERRANEE cooperates with teams in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland and due to our donation, these teams can continue to stay at sea and keep on rescuing people.

    Further information can be found at:

    Save the Children: Help for Rohingya children in need

    Since August 2017, members of the Muslim Rohingya minority have fled from Myanmar into the neighboring country Bangladesh. A large part of these refugees are children and the situation is getting more and more dramatic. The refugee camps are reaching their capacity limits and not only lack food, clean drinking water and medical care, but also the children suffer from infections, fever and diarrhea. Many family members are wounded, but still need to sleep outdoors.

    That's why we support the organization Save the Children, which is helping children and their families. With our donation several families were provided with food, such as rice, oil and flour.

    More information about this and also other topics can be found at:

    Green Forest Fund: Donate trees for nature and animals! Stand up for the trees of tomorrow

    The protection of our planet is becoming more and more important and we want to make a sustainable contribution to our climate and species protection.

    Therefore, we support the Green Forest Fund, which is planting new, ecologically sustainable mixed forests with various native tree species in Germany. This method shall not only preserve the natural foundations of plants, animals and humans, but also contribute to the observance of the Paris Climate Agreement and the protection of nature and species.

    With our donation, we were able to help the Green Forest Fund to plant trees on an agricultural land opposite a decommissioned nuclear power station in the Odenwald in Germany, thereby creating a new habitat for nature and for animals.

    If you would like to have more information, or maybe even want to give away a tree, you can do so at:

    Aktion Deutschland Hilft: First Aid Yemen

    Like already mentioned, millions of people in Yemen lack almost everything. In addition to providing people with food and warm blankets, clean drinking water is especially important.

    Aktion Deutschland Hilft provides on-the-ground help in Yemen by repairing wells and distributing water purification tablets.

    With our donation, the organization was able to provide several families with clean drinking water for a month.

    More information about this, but also about other relief projects of Aktion Deutschland Hilft can be found on the page:

    Aktion Jemenhilfe: Yemen Help

    Already in 2015 the war in Yemen broke out. In addtion to the numerous deaths, millions of people are threatened by famine, especially many children suffer from malnutrition and furthermore there has been an outbreak of cholera.

    Nevertheless, this part of the world and the associated war are regularly forgotten and there are no reports of it in the media. In order to support the Yemeni population with our donation, we came across the association Aktion Jemenhilfe, which helps those in need by running a hospital and looking after orphans, street and abused children.

    With our donation, Aktion Jemenhilfe was able to support the emergency aid in Yemen and essentially provide those in need with medicine and food.

    More information about this project can be found at:

    Berliner Stadtmission: Health Care Center Emergency Protocol

    Every day homeless people are exposed to the changing weather conditions and usually only find moderate protection throughout dampness, cold and heat. The result is a weakened immune system, which is usually further endangered by inadequate and unhealthy diet and drug or alcohol use.

    Although medical help is often necessary, many homeless won’t seek help by professionals. The fear of treatment by a doctor or the absence of health insurance are just a few reasons for it.

    Therefore the Berliner Stadtmission has an ambulance, which opens twice a week and provides the necessary medical care for the homeless. With our donation, we supported the volunteer doctors, nurses and medical students, who take care of the incoming patients every week.

    Further information can be found at:


    Cleft-Kinder-Hilfe of the Professor Hermann-Sailer Stiftung: Help for kids with cleft lip and palate

    Every year, several thousand children are born with cleft lip and palate worldwide. While this deformation can be treated in Germany, this is usually not possible in poorer countries. The Cleft-Kinder-Hilfe therefore supports the comprehensive treatment of these children. The free medical help includes not only the required surgery, but also the associated follow-up treatment. Furthermore it finances the training of doctors in emerging and developing countries.

    With our donation, one child received a free operation and the necessary follow-up treatment. More information can be found at:

    Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe: Help for Rohingya in Bangladesh

    Since August 2017 many people from the Muslim Rohingya minority had to flee Myanmar to the neighboring country Bangladesh.

    The refugee camps in Bangladesh are overcrowded and many people have to spend the nights outdoors in front of the camps, cause they can't find shelter inside the camps anymore. They live under dramatic conditions and the humanitarian situation is catastrophic. The people lack almost everything – food and clean water are currently the most vital things, to keep malnutrition and the onset of diseases down. 

    With our donation, we supported the organization Help to provide people in and around the refugee camps with water canisters and soap.

    More information can be found here:

    Diakonie Düsseldorf: Support young refugees in Düsseldorf/Germany

    While it is normal for us to spend our childhood without war and persecution, many children have to experience a childhood without peace. Some children are lucky, can escape these dangers and make it to Germany, and more precisely to Düsseldorf.

    The Diakonie Düsseldorf is taking care of children from refugee families. In their accommodations the kids can play and learn, but also receive support through young migration service and social work.

    With our donation, we could help the Diakonie Düsseldorf to give children from a refugee accommodation a backpack, a pencil case, slippers and a filles sports bag for school, making the first day at school a day not to be forgotten.

    Further information on this and other important topics can be found at:

    Parmed: Antibiotics and prevention against Noma

    Noma is a neglected disease of the poor and children. Every year, 100,000 children under the age of 6 die from this disease in Africa. By rapid treatment and appropriate prevention this could be prevented.

    At onset of the disease the mouth area is affected first and then the whole face is starting to be eaten away, caused by malnutrition and poor hygiene.

    When detected early enough, the disease can be cured with simple antibiotics and the affected child can recover within 48 hours. Without the curse in this early stage however, the disease develops very quickly and dramatically with 80% of the cases ending fatal within the next 2 or 3 weeks.

    Therefore, we decided to support the organization Parmed with our donation, so in affected areas, currently Burkina Faso, training, education and detection can be carried out. Further, children who already have been ill can be taken to the hospital for treatment.

    Further information on this important topic can be found at:

    Silbernetz: the phone for older and lonely people

    Around 850,000 people live on their own in Berlin and a lot of these people feel lonely and alone at times.

    The pilot project of Silbernetz wants to provide the evidence for one district in Berlin, that a free phone number for older, lonely or isolated people is a necessary and meaningful offer. After the start of the pilot, the project shall be extended throughout Berlin and Brandenburg. With our donation, we have helped the team of Silbernetz to equip the phones and create volunteer jobs for friends of Silbernetz. Thereby different Silbernetz services like the free phone or friendship service can be guaranteed.

    More information about the project Silbernetz can be found here:  

    Mensch Mensch Mensch: Refugees welcome international – Support our international network

    Most of the refugees who come to Germany and other European countries live isolated in refugee camps and therefore are banished from the country's social life. That makes an integration of the refugees in the respective country very difficult, if not impossible.

    Refugees Welcome condemns this practice and wants to support the refugees by living in shared flats or by integrating them in local families. That makes it easier for the refugees to find their way along in this new country and shows them positive aspects of a life in the local community.

    The organization of Refugees Welcome started in Berlin an has since expanded to 14 other countries.

    With our donation we supported the training for volunteers (buddies) in Poland. At the moment there aren't enough accommodations for the incoming refugees. The buddies are therefore looking for apartments and accommodations together with the refugees.

    More information about the organization can be found at: and how to support refugees in your country at:

    Berliner Stadtmission: Severe weather emergency protocol

    In Berlin thousands of people are living on the streets and the numbers are constantly rising. Especially in winter, the homeless are particularly at risk, due to the cold. The Berliner Stadtmission travels the streets of Berlin to reach out to people, who didn’t make it to an emergency accommodation. They provide them mainly with medical care, food and clothing. But not only in winter, also in summer, the Berliner Stadtmission takes care of people, who live on the street, so they can gain new strength for the future.

    Like in previous years, we supported the Kältebus (bus against low temperatures) of the Berliner Stadtmission with our donation. The bus is always from the 11th November until the 31st march of the following year on duty. The team visits the homeless regularly on the street and drives them by request to a safe place to stay the night. In addition, the employees try to have a talk with the homeless and provide them with warm drinks and sleeping bags.

    You can find more information about the Berliner Stadtmission at

    Terre des Femmes: Breaking the cycle of violence: Empowerment for women & girls in Nicaragua

    Terre des Femmes helps women and girls, which are living in poor financial circumstances in Nicaragua and are affected by violence. Through the integrated support of Terre des Femmes and its partner organization Asosiacón Proyecto Miriam, most of these women manage to get out of their difficult situation, end their abusive relationship, graduate from school, learn a trade and earn a good income on their own.

    With our donation, we were able to support the organization in providing free legal advice and legal representation for affected women and their children. This allows these women to get to know their personal rights for the first time in their life and to further demand them. Thereby they are breaking the cycle of violence and abuse and gain a perspective for a free and self-determined future.

    In addition, our donation helped Terre des Femmes to support the women to learn a trade or to open up their own small business. Only by learning a profession or starting their own business women can gain long-term financial independence and lead a self-determined life.

    More information on this and other topics of Terre des Femmes can found at:

    Shelter flats for women in Berlin

    The non-profit organization ZUFF (Zufluchtswohnungen für Frauen = shelter flats for women) offers women from all cultures and countries and their children temporary accommodation. The address of each apartment is anonymous and the women can live there independently with their children. Most women stay only a short time in the apartments and then move to their own place or return to their old life circumstances. However, the employees ususally stay in contact with these women and it often takes a few tries until the woman decides on a final separation.

    With our donation we want to support the long-term tasks of this important organization.

    More information about the facility can be found at: