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Charitable donations

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Charitable Projects 2021 and 2022


Prevention of NOMA disease in Burkina Faso


Burkina Faso in West Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world. Noma is a non-contagious bacterial and often neglected disease which, if left untreated, is fatal within 2-3 weeks in 80% of cases. It is also known as the disease of poverty and children. Poor hygiene and malnutrition are often the cause of this tragic disease.

It is particularly important to educate the population and to train medical staff. In the early stages of Noma, antibiotics can cure a child within 48 hours.

With our donation, more than 100 children will hopefully be protected from Noma through prevention and, if necessary, cured with antibiotics in the early stages.

Further information on this topic can be found at

Zufluchtswohnungen für von Gewalt betroffene Frauen und Kinder


Shockingly, statistics have shown that domestic violence has increased during the corona pandemic over the past 2 years. In most cases, it happens to defenseless women and children. Often, they can only get out of this vicious circle of violence, blame and discrimination with the help of professional support.

Zuff e.V. association in Berlin offers anonymous sheltered apartments for such women and children. The aim of the association is not only to provide immediate help but also to support these women and children, so that they can regain self-determination over their own lives.

During this process, the association continues to mediate with doctors, Psychotherapists and specific specialist advice centers/departments until these women with or without children are able to move into their own ‘safe’ apartment again.

You can find more information about Zuff's projects at this link

Berliner Stadtmission Kältehilfe


This year, we supported the Berlin City Mission, with their efforts in providing Christmas lunch for homeless, urban poor and lonely people during the Christmas holidays.

They are a mission that not only helps homeless against the cold and hunger but also with providing uncomplicated medical care.Please read about this good work.

You can find out more about the projects of the Berlin City Mission here

OXFAM unterstützt vor Ort bedürftige Menschen im kriegs-erschütterten Jemen


For more than 6 years, Yemen has been ravaged by heavy fighting between government troops and opposition groups and the interference of foreign forces. Therefore many people keep moving away in search of greener pastures. As a result, half the population goes hungry and has no access to clean water or sanitation facilities because there are no green pastures everywhere.

Here we are supporting an OXFAM project that provides drinking water and latrines for refugees. This is extremely important in order to prevent the spread of cholera and Covid-19. At the same time, food packages are provided for families with the donations.

You can find out more about this important project here


Seehundstation Norddeich


We are supporters of the work done at seal station Norddeich.

With our contribution, we hope that this institution can continue to do their good work. So far, their financing has been mainly gained through the entrance fees, but this has disappeared due to the current corona pandemic. Therefore, the association “Every day counts” is now increasingly dependent on donations.

In this station, about 160 animals are cared for by volunteers every year. Usually, these seals are injured and/or orphaned ("howlers") and gray seals.

It is great to hear that after being successfully treated and fed, they are brought back to the North Sea and can experience 25 - 30 years of their lives ahead of them. These helpers are doubly rewarded, because they experience not only the animals getting better  but also notice how these animals look forward to their freedom in the end.

Further information can be found on the website of the Norddeich station

Streuobstwiesen in Brandenburg und Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


Did you already know that orchards are the small rainforests of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania?

The association "Äpfel & Konsorten e.V." plants old and robust variety of fruit trees here and provides them with everything they need for healthy development. These Orchards are particularly important for animal and plant species, some of which are threatened with extinction. They serve as a water filter and thus, protect our groundwater.

Further information about the work in these fruit biotopes can be found here

Wasserprojekt im dürregeplagten Eritrea von Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. in Zusammenarbeit mit ArcheMed e.V.



With our donation, we are participating in a water supply project with clean water for an entire village, around 100 km away from the capital Asmara. The majority of people here are employed in the agricultural sector.

In this project, operated together with ArcheMed e.V., a sand storage dam is being built on a slope to supply the entire village with clean water all year round. The side sections of the dam have already been completed, so that a partial water supply is already taking place now. Their vision, is to complete the whole project by the end of 2022.

You can find out more about this technologically demanding project, which German engineers and students, who are also supported by local experts and their other projects, at

You can watch a film about the water project in Eritrea that is well worth seeing here

Wichtige Aufklärungsarbeit gegen Genitalverstümmelung in Burkina Faso




The international organization (I)NTACT has been working and fighting since 20 years to stop the genital mutilation carried out by traditional "circumcisers", which is still widespread, through awareness-raising work together with local non-governmental organizations.

Fortunately, Benin and Togo has already celebrated the end of the tradition of female mutilation .

However, around 80% of girls and women in Burkina Faso are still being circumcised. The painstaking educational work in this field has so far resulted in the practice at least being abandoned in 1700 villages in Burkina Faso.

Thank you from us for this important work!

You can read more about these important projects at (I)NTACT

Stoffbinden für Togolesische Mädchen und Frauen


In Togo, like in other African countries, poverty also means that girls and women do not and cannot go to school, university or work because they cannot afford to buy female hygiene products such as sanitary towels to use during menstruation. In addition, many of these girls and women have little till no education to even understand, why they bleed once a month.

Therefore, the association Woé zon loo e.V. has launched a fabric sanitary napkin project in which ties are sewn from second-hand t-shirts in a sewing workshop, which are much cheaper than commercial disposable sanitary towels.

In addition, many young people are gaining information about menstruation and sexuality in education and self-sewing workshops.

This project won the Engagement Prize of the German National Academic Foundation for 2022ösungen/engagementpreise/preistraegerinnen-der-engagementpreise/

You can find more information about successful sanitary napkin projects under this link

Schutz vor Abholzung von Wäldern in Peru und Kanada und Kompensation unseres CO2 Fussabdruckes


The organization Wilderness International has set itself the goal of preventing forests from being cut down instead of reforestation projects. Instead, wilderness areas are being bought to protect them permanently from deforestation.

Like other companies in the Goerzwerk business campus, we have set ourselves the goal of offsetting our annual operating and product emissions in terms of CO2. We achieve this through the sustainable protection of an area of ​​rainforest, the purchase of which we finance with our donation. Since these forests store considerable amounts of carbon, they ensure a stable climate, because the complete protection against deforestation prevents the release of climate-damaging CO2.

As soon as we have received the certificate for offsetting our ecological carbon footprint from Wilderness International for 2021, we will publish it here. The certificate for 2020, where we have adopted a wilderness sponsorship for 431 square meter of temperate rainforest in western Canada, can still be found here

You can find more about the organization and the various conservation projects under the following link

Schluss mit Tierquälerei


This project is about animal welfare and, most importantly, against unnecessary animal experiments. In addition, this project also supports the medical treatment of injured animals, scientific information on an animal-free diet, the promotion of organic vegan agriculture and research into alternatives to animal experiments. We also support this project because the further spread of information concerning plant-based nutrition is also making an important contribution to climate protection. If you want to gain more insight about this project, here is the link to the presented project of the association "Every day counts e.V."


And here you can still find a short overview on projects we have financially supported the year before and which we are still supporting and following up because of their importance.

Terre des femmes: STOP violence against girls and women

Terre des Femmes Stop violence against girls and women

Terre des Femmes campaigns for the rights of women and girls worldwide. Terre des Femmes addresses this violence due to their gender, provides information about human rights violations and calls for equality of both genders.

You can find more information on Terre des Femmes topics at:

Aktion Deutschland Hilft: Explosions Beirut-Lebanon

Aktion Deutschland Hilft Explosions Beirut Lebanon

On August 4th, 2020, several explosions struck Beirut. An unspeakable catastrophe for a country that was already badly hit by the corona pandemic and economic crises.

You can find more information about this, but also about other projects of Aktion Deutschland Hilft on the page: .

Engineers Without Borders: Beaumont – Students build a future for children in Haiti

Engineers Without Borders Beaumont – Students build a future for children in Haiti

In the Beaumont, Engineers Without Borders, are planning and building an Orphanage.

You can find more information about this project at: .

World University Service: Save lives with PAUL, the WaterBackpack – potable water all over the world

World University Service Save lives with PAUL the Water Backpack – potable water all over the world

PAUL allows people in remote areas without clean drinking water to filter water independently. The explanation of how to use PAUL is made on the basis of pictograms, which means that PAUL can also be used by illiterate people. Since it works like an ultra-fine filter, it can hold back both bacteria and viruses and does not require any further energy.

We have donated to the production of one PAUL, which means that around 200-300 people can be supplied with clean drinking water every day for up to 10 years.

You can find more information about PAUL here:

Berliner Stadtmission: Severe weather emergency protocol & Health Care Center Emergency Protocol

Berliner Stadtmission Health Care Center Emergency Protocol

With the Health Care Center Emergency Protocol the Berliner Stadtmission has started a small clinic on their grounds to help the homeless to receive free medical attention and care a few times weekly, without health insurance and bureaucracy. The nurses and doctors working here are volunteers aiming to help the homeless too.

You can find more information about the Berliner Stadtmission at:

Action medeor: Emergency aid Syria

Action Medeor Emergency Aid Syria

9 years of civil war in Syria has caused half a million of deaths, numerous thousands of injuries, extreme poverty for millions, the loss of theirs homes, the loss of health facilities and a complete loss of medical structures and care.

With our donation, some will find relief from fever and pain.

You can find more information on this and other Action medeor projects here


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