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Magnesium Optimizer

   Dietary supplement with magnesium, vitamin B6 and taurine. 200 tablets with 50 mg magnesium, 1 mg vitamin B6 and 175 mg taurine. The supporter of a normal muscle and nerve function. – Important for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and the maintenance of normal bones.  

Price €14.90*
€6.71 / 100g

Vegan Bone-Up

  Dietary supplement with minerals, vitamins and trace element. 120 Tablets with calcium and magnesium, the vitamins C, D and K, and zinc, copper, mangenese and boron. The new vegan formula – with calcium for the maintenance of normal bones.  

Price €14.90*
€8.15 / 100g

Zinc Balance

  NOW VEGAN due to a new capsule shell made from cellulose! Dietary supplement with zinc and copper. 100 capsules with 15 mg zinc l-methionine and 1 mg copper gluconate. The supporter of immune system and saver of cell constituents from oxidative damage.  

Price €13.90*
€77.22 / 100g