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About Jarrow Deutschland

Jarrow Deutschland – Supplements for a better well-being

Since some years now we are distributing the supplements of our American parent company Jarrow Formulas here in Germany. Starting as an online shop for costumers, we are now also working together with other resellers from different areas. Not only the pharmaceutical distributor Sanacorp is one of our customers, but also the vegan shops Roots of Compassion from Münster, Veganz from Berlin, Boutique Vegan from Sasbach, Twelve Monkeys from Hamburg, Dr. Pogo from Berlin, Vitaminwelten from Hamburg and Die Kichererbse from Stuttgart.

Particular our selection of vegan products has expanded steadily, and still is, in the past few years. Our bestseller Jarrow Methyl B-12 is particularly popular with vegans, but also with vegetarians and meat eaters. The cobalamin consists of methylcobalamin, and not cyanocobalamin, so it can be absorbed directly by the human body. Methylcobalamin has an especially high bioavailability and lasting effect. Since not many foods contain vitamin B12, it is important to ensure stable blood levels with a balanced diet or via supplementation. So that you can also have a great taste, we offer our product Jarrow Methyl B-12 with three different flavors: cherry, lemon and peach.

Not only well-known products and bestellers, like Methyl B-12 can be bought in our shop. We are constantly expanding our product range by adding new products with a high quality to our online shop. With a regular intake of our vitamins and minerals you can prevent a defeciency of those nutrients and contribute to stable blood levels. All the recommended intakes and every health claim refers to the recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

If you need something to boost your energy and your nervous system during the long hot summer days, we have a new dietary supplement for you. The vitamin B-complex Jarrow B-Right contains not only all the B-vitamins, but also additionally choline and inositol. With all these ingredients you can support your energy metabolism and your nervous system throughout the year. Since the body isn’t able to save any B-vitamins in the cells, except for vitamin B12, a sustained intake of those vitamins through nutrition or supplements is important for optimal health care.

Furthermore, we're always looking for the best formulation with ingredients of high quality to please the needs of our customers. Hence, we changed the formulation of the product Magnesium Optimizer and it is now available with 200 tablets with 50 mg magnesium malate, 1 mg vitamin B6 and 175 mg taurine each. It is suggested to take 2 tablets per day, which are therefore smaller and easier to swallow. Magnesium is an important vitamin, not only to supplement after physical activity, but also for everyday use.

Also our two products Jarrow MethylFolate and Jarrow Cranberry have been optimized and contain now capsules made from cellulose instead of gelatine, with makes both of them vegan now. Therefore they can be consumed by vegans from now on.

Due to the interaction of a balanced diet with healthy foods and combined intake of our Jarrow supplements can all nutrients develop their individual and optimal effect in the human body.

In order to provide our customers with all the information needed, you will get an user manual for each product with every order. In addition, to the information about the vitamin and production respectively, ingredients, suggested usage and storage introductions are mentioned.

Should there still be any questions, our customer service is available every weekday between 9:00 and 17:00 under the telephone number: 030 991916860, the E-Mail: kontakt@jarrow.de, the contact form on our homepage www.jarrow.de or our Facebook page. You can find our customer service since February 2019 in the historic building Goerzwerk in Berlin Zehlendorf. We’re happy to help you with any concern, whether it’s the ingredients and production of our supplements, or the process of ordering as an individual costumer or as wholesaler.

In order to offer our customers the greatest comfort possible, all products of Jarrow Deutschland can be ordered via homepage, e-mail, telephone or fax. If your order value adds up to more than 39.90€, the delivery is free of charge. Otherwise, the shipping costs currently amount to 3.50€. Unfortunately we had to raise the shipping costs, due to higher costs from our partner DHL the first time in three years. After payment, the shipment takes place within 1 or 2 working days. Payment can be made via prepayment/bank transfer, Paypal, immediate money transfer or Santander purchase on account. If ordered and payed before 15:00 the order is even dispatched on the same day.

With our new cooperation partner Santander Bank, we now offer you the Santander purchase on account. There you can order your products today and transfer the money during the following 30 days to Santander. The products will be shipped from us inbetween one or two days after your order arrived.

Own production facility since 17 years

Already 1977 our parent company Jarrow Formulas was founded by Jarrow L. Rogovin in Los Angeles. The small shop started with a handful of products and sells now hundreds of innovative supplements all over the world, like Asia, Latin America and Europe. Therefore, we started 17 years ago to produce the supplements by ourselves in our own production facility. We pay close attention to the excellent quality of the products and obtain the raw materials only from suppliers who stick to the ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP). In addition, only raw materials are used that are not genetically modified and already one third of all your products are completely vegan.

Quality assurance according to international GMP guidelines

In addition to complying with the ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP), our manufacturing processes are standardized and meet in most areas the same requirements as pharmaceuticals. For our herbal supplements, we have an additional standardization on nutritionally valuable ingredients. Our products are engineered and tested to the highest US and European standards, so that the strict requirements on dietary supplements are not only met, but also exceeded. Therefore an appropriate selection of raw materials, monitoring and controlling of the manufacturing processes and the equipment is ensured. So, the identity, strength, quality and purity of all Jarrow products throughout all stages of the manufacturing process can be guaranteed.

Intensive collaboration with universities to research our recipes

To ensure that our innovative supplements have a relevant effect in the human body, Jarrow is scientifically and financially engaged in further research of nutritionally important substances. Both, Jarrow Formulas and Jarrow Deutschland guarantee quality products with extensive product information, excellent service and sustainable benefit to ensure the highest standards for our customers.

Social commitment is our concern

In addition to our academic cooperation with universities, we have been supporting social projects financially for several years now. Our current projects include the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol and the health care center for the homeless by the Berliner Stadtmission, Empowering refugees – Peer-to-peer psychosocial care by ipso, Reading aloud to children with and without experience being on the run by Stiftung Lesen, streetwork by Karo, antibiotics and prevention against Noma by Parmed, education for children in Nigeria by Miracle Hilfsprojekt, upbringing of orphaned elephant cubs by AGA and tree by tree – 50,000 trees for the rainforest by Oroverde.

We rely on 40 years of experience of our parent company Jarrow Formulas